Back to Love 21-day Challenge

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, burned out, stressed, and exhausted?

With the pressure of everything that’s going on with work, school, holidays, extracurriculars, callings, health issues, keeping up with the daily ‘to-do’ list, and meeting expectations; it makes sense you feel this way.

You’re managing multiple schedules without a second to stop or breathe; constantly in “go mode”.

Instead of enjoying your life and the people in it, you’re becoming short tempered, irritable, and resentful towards them. Giving them the worst of you.

When you do get a moment to stop, the last thing you’re interested in doing is connecting. Using that time instead to dive into a hobby, binge in front of the TV, or get lost in a book, anything to help you forget the current life you’re in.

Ending each day still feeling exhausted, with a tinge of guilt and shame as you reflect back on how you behaved or what you didn’t accomplish.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place!

I created a 21 day ‘Back to Love’ challenge that will help you do just that, bring more love into your life, for yourself and the people in it.

Your life will feel more manageable when you learn to first listen and be in tune with you.

Through this daily challenge you will learn how to reconnect with yourself, get in touch with what you need, so you can show up in your life from a calmer, loving, secure, and confident place.

Learning the skill of slowing down will actually increase your ability to accomplish so much more with less stress and more enjoyment.

As you learn to shift your focus on who you’re being and less on what you’re doing, you’ll create balance while living from your best self.

And the best part, it’s only $20!

You’ve known for a while that something needs to change, you can’t afford to put this off any longer. It’s time to do something for you!

Believe me when I say, your family and your life will thank you for doing it too.

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