Alicia Hall Coaching

Latter-Day Saint Self-worth coach
Specializing in overcoming adversity, post-trauma, psychological and Emotional abuse.

I’ll help you let go of self-doubt & negative self-talk.
Create hope, healing, & self-compassion; So you can more confidently live from your best self.

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Despite your best efforts you feel like you’re falling short, doing something wrong, and struggling to meet everyone’s expectations.

You’re second guessing your capabilities, your own worth, and wondering if it’s possible for your life to be different.

Living in self-doubt, you believe your life experiences are proof that you’re doing it wrong.
I’ve been where you are.
Until I discovered a more empowering way to live. Taking charge over my emotions and mindset so I can feel more confident in what I am doing and who I am being.

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Are you ready to feel more confident in your life?
I invite you to join my 9-step program,
Always Enough
Discover what it’s like to believe in yourself,
regardless of your past experiences, what you’re going through, or what others might think of you.

You can create the confidence you’re longing for!


Create new thought patterns about yourself and intentionally live into who you desire to be

Emotional Healing

Develop power over your own emotions


 Live with greater confidence and A renewed purpose

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Alicia has taught me how to look at things differently, to have confidence and become the person I want to become. She has the ability to find the good in every situation.


Alicia challenged my way of thinking and helped me create better habits. I plan to continue to use the skills she taught on a daily basis. I highly recommend her as a coach.


I’m blown away by the progress I made with the relationship with myself. The progress I made with the relationship I have with the world around me and how I “show up”. The tools Alicia gives you are life changing.


I understand what it feels like to believe you’re not enough.

I’m here to help you
gain the awareness you need
to create healing and confidence
to move forward,
and live your best life.
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